Messages from Readers
Messages from Readers

When we, writers, create a story, we want every word to exist forever in the gesture, the glance and the voice that take us to the immense world of imagination, that place where lies the very air we breathe through literary creation. Let’s meet? I love getting to know my readers.

You're famous. Well I call! But Elizabeth can call me Eliza... read more

Well I like your books you wrote and I like the dezenhos of books that you did. I've read almost every book that you already wrote. I like to play a lot of stuff and wanted to be his girlfriend? Want to be my amide?

Elizabeth Maciel

You already did not like the book I do not... read more

want to like your book does not want to taste. This book and Luciana Savaget cool. But I do not know more of your books. I just saw I do not like do not want. He is really cool not like I do not want.


“Her admirable competency has been demonstrated many times in her works as a writer and... read more

as a journalist, of which I can speak personally… Even more admirable have been her books for children. I know from personal experience how hard it is to enter as a writer in the fabulous world of a child, a task she can do with enviable success, enchanting the children readers and making the public in general very interested. I believe, therefore, that trusting the talent of Luciana Savaget is a safe investment.”

Fernando Sabino

About the book Nameless flower... read more

“This isn’t a story created by the talent of a writer who writes children’s books. I can guarantee it. It is, very simply, a small piece, an infinite piece, of the life of Luciana Savaget, beautiful human person who was born with the gift of talking to flowers and understanding the heart of a bird. Luciana Savaget, with the magical power of her poetry, finds and awakes the childhood that is asleep, or perhaps just hidden, deep inside all of us.”

Thiago de Mello

A few words to Luciana Savaget... read more

The stories of Luciana Savaget take us, riding the tail of a comet, to a place that many wish to forget… the land of fantasy.
Like a fairy godmother, Luciana Savaget takes her magic wand made of words and transforms lonely hearts into colorful flowers that beat and dizzy dreamless heads into shiny stars full of life.
In this universe inhabited by an infinite eclipse of tenderness the greatest miracle of all occurs: the wings of the birds fly again.

Gustavo Cardenas Ayad