Sociedade Internacional de Resgate à Fantasia

About Us

We 8,000,421 members scattered around the planet.
The International Society for the Rescue of Imagination (ISRI), was founded in ancient times to fight the excesses of cruelty that destroy dreams, illusions and fantasies.
When we realize that stories are being threatened with extinction, we act immediately.
I’m one of the founders of this society, which rescues princes and princesses, fairies and witches, dwarves and elves, nymphs and sylphs that are trapped in old houses, dusty libraries and abandoned castles and palaces.
We’ve done rescue operations at the bottom of the ocean, at the far corners of the globe and in places that no one can imagine… Some members have even been able to reach the farthest stars, trying to free characters of magic tales.
(Extract of the book Operation Rescue in Baghdad, published by Nova Fronteira).

You can become a defender of fantasy. Any information is valuable. The destroyers of dreams are everywhere, practicing the crime of forgetfulness, but what they don’t know is that you also have a weapon: you can denounce them.

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We've done rescues under the sea, the ends of the earth, in places no one would imagine... Some members managed to get longíquas star, to try to free the magical tales characters.

The operation was most prominent in the war in Iraq, in Baghdad alone were rescued:

A princesa Sherazade
1) 2725 Fairies
2) 480 Kings
3) 927 Single princesses
4) 1.221 Engaged princesses, promised in marriage
5) 500 Married princesses
6) 260 Queens
7) 622 Dancers
8) 5.222 Unidentified characters

Total: 12.022 (Not counting the freeing of Scheherazade)